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The camel

August 21, 2010
  1. The camel is called the ship 0f the desert. It can run and walk very fast.They live in deserts use these animals to carry their loads. It can carry heavy loads of goods on its back. It can live many days without water. It has big eyes. Its colour is brown. There are two types of camels. The camel with two humps and the camel with one humps. The last type is the most common. The hump is its store room it stores there fat and energy. The camel is a vegetarian animal. It eats grass, leaves and plants.

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A Butterfly speaks

July 24, 2010

I am a butterfly. I am a beautiful in sect. Am i not? little children like me. But i do not like them touching and escape. I love children but im afraid oftnem. Bees are my friends. We dont have quavrels. We live in peace.

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July 10, 2010

Dew-drops are beautiful as pearls. Early in the morning you can see dew.Dew-drops fall one by one in the morning. The flowers hold dewson their petals. Thenthe flowers become more beautful. We  can see dew-drops on the grass. When we walk on grass our feet touch them. They are very cool. Dew-drops disapper

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A school picnic

June 26, 2010

A picnic is a trip which we go some where attractive and have fun while eating, drinking and singing which friends. A picnic gives much pleasure and enjoy ment to us. Last week we were taken for a picnic by our school. we went by bus. Our class teacher and some perents went with us. We had sweets, fruits, cool drinks with us. Some friends brought sand wiches. We had cameras. We took photographs of beautiful scenes. Some other friends carried mucical instrumethts. We sang songs. We stayed there andenjoyed our food and drinks. We played games in the at ternoon.We strolled among. Trees and collected birds. Feathers and wild flower. In the evening we had our tea we enjoyed the day well it was a very delight ful school picnic.

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The postman

June 5, 2010

       The postman is a welcome visitor is every house. He does a good service to the people. He works in the post office.

 Most of them have foot cycles. He delivers card, letters,

telegrams and parcels to the owners,

which they receive from their from their relations and friennds.

 He has to pa ddle his bicycle in the same routes every day,

except sundays and public holidays. There fore soon he

become a friend of every one in any area. Even in rainy days he has to do his  duty. He has to ring his bell knowing t o peap in t le of his  arrival from house to house. He puts letters in to mail boxes if there is no one to get them at homes. His  duty is a very respon sible one. Some times people are waiting for very important letters.

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The use of the black bord

May 29, 2010

A black bord plays an important role in the class room. We can say it is  the he helper of the teacher. Thechers use the black bord to draw diagrams and explain things. They write words sentences and pharaphs on the blak bord tocopy down for students. Therefore it is very helpful. The blackbord is always placed in  front of the classroom,just behind the teacher’s table. Teachers used white chalks to write on black borards. A duster is used to rub the black bord. It is very helpful in teaching and learning processes. Children like to write on black bords. There writeon black bords. there are small black bords fo children to practice their drawings and writings.

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My bicycle

May 22, 2010

I h  ave a beautiful bicycle. It is blue and red in colour. It has a mucical horn. I ride it everday, to my school bag in the basket wtich is fitted to my bicycal. My father tought me how to ride it  carefully. Now i know how to controt my speed. Sometimes i ride my bicycle to the nearest town and go to buy vegetables for my mother.My other friends too nave bicycleles. We ride together along theroad. Riding a bicycle is a very good exercise for the  legs. My bicycle is very help ful tome.