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World children’s day

October 1, 2011

Today is world children day. We are happy to see a seperate day by name of us.

But our rights have been grised from our birth. Most of peaple falk about on the relevant topic only today.

Sri lankan goverment also has faken necessory steps in oder to prptect our right. The problem is violating our homes and schools by our own ones.

In this post we are relutant to beg that protect our rights. We emphasis that leave them.

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Give Hands

May 7, 2011

I am o.Achini Hansani Nirami Dias. My school is MR/Methodist central college Hakmana. Our school is E village. I have a Web site also. It’s  name Hansaninirami would like to  graphic designers, video editor.Al though i have these skills I have a  big problem. That I  don’t have  a computer. I my School Limited computers available but there are so. Many students in my school. Please go through this letter and see my web site. Please me kind enough to grant me a computer used or unused. It will be helpful to. Continue my studies thanking you yours.



April 30, 2011

Friendship is the most beautiful flower which blooms in the garden of life. As we are members of the society we can’t live alone. We need friends to stand around us to share our happy and sad feelings. Real friends are very honest to each other. They are very true and trustworthy. Being able to make friends is a divine power. If you work honest , polite and true you will have lots of friends. Keeping a friendship with  some one is not easy. There should be mutual understanding between each other. There should be attitudes and feelings of each other. We may have lots of friends. But we should have to identify the real friends from them. Good friends follow you like your own shadow.

Helping my mother

December 14, 2010

My mother is ateacher. She works very hard for the family. She sweeps the garden. She keeps our home beautiful and clean.

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October 2, 2010

Colours make the world so beautiful. They can do wonders. The sun light has seven colours in the rainbow. There can not be any colour without light. When a white ray of the sunlight goes throught aprism, it reflects seperate seven colours. They are the same colours in the same order in a rainbow. They are violet, indigo, blu ,green, yellow, orange and red. When a ray of sunlight goes through the waterdroplets in the air it reflects a rainbow, because, these rain droplets act as prisms and reflect the seven colours of arainbow. A leaf looks green to our eyes, because it reflects green colour of the light and absorbs all the other colours.

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Beautiful waterfalls

September 4, 2010

Waterfalls are very beautiful. They are wonderful creations of the nature. Also ,they are priceless gifts of the nature . They hove charming and fascinating apperences. There are about sixteen main water falls in sri lanka. It is about 240 metres in high. Dunhinda is the most popular waterfall. Diyaluma and Bopath ella are other charming water falls. Bopath  ella is very famous for its shape. It comes down in the shape of abo leaf. The  hight of this water fall is 30 meters. Diyaluma and ravana ella got  their names according to them legend wooven around them. Ramboda water fall. Hunnas fall. Devorn,st. Clares and aberdeen are some othear well known water falls from these water falls beautiful and silvery water comes down.

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Domestic animals

August 28, 2010

There are different kinds of animals. Some of them are domestic. Many others are wild animals. Wild animals live in forests. Tigers,leopards, bears and lions are some of the best known wild animals. They live with means found from the forest. but , domestic animals are kept in houses. They serve us in many ways. They are very animals .

Cows give us milk. Bulls draw our carts. Buffaloes p lough our fields. Camel carry heavy loads. Dogs are faithful to their masters Domestic animals are looked after with great care.  They are given roper food. Dogs and cats eat rice, fish and meat. Cows, horses, bulls and buffaloes eat grass. They are given proper places to sleep. We should give them our love and kindness. They are our friends.

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